Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not dead yet

My right foot has been swollen for about 6 months but in the past couple of weeks, it's been really swollen. Left foot fine. Dr. Internet says it's a blood clot or gout or one of a biscillion things down the rabbit hole of internet diagnosis. I considered taking it to a Real Life doctor but veto'd the idea. If it's gout, then I either take gout preventive medicine for the rest of my life (no thank you) or change my diet (BIG no thank you). If it's the beginning of a blood clot then I have that blood thinner train to get on and ride forever and I already have blood bruises all over my hands and arms. I'm sick of those and don't want more. A blood clot could cause a debilitating stroke. Not my first choice or even on my top 25. Or just drop me where I stand.

Other than looking like a balloon foot, the swelling causes no problems. It's not painful or hot. I can still wear sandals. It does not interfere with my swimming.

But, this morning, the swelling is down a little - down enough to be very encouraging. I may well have to think of some other way to die.

I could die of heat this week. We have a heat advisory going into effect tomorrow through Friday. Swell. I have an eye doctor appointment early in the morning tomorrow and then I have nothing else that will cause me to leave my house/air conditioner for the rest of the week. Except the pool, of course, but I'm home by 6:30 while even on hot days, it's cool.

Portland is expected to get even hotter heat than here but they also get snow when we don't and don't share that, so I think it's payback.

I have about a dozen projects ready to start today and am still undecided on which one to do first. While I was swimming this morning, I was thinking about the list and priority and changed my mind a dozen times and still don't have a winner. But, it could be this new t-shirt idea I got in between thoughts in the pool this morning.
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