Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, bring on the chill!

Yeah, timing is wrong BUT... I'm going to love this so much. If I live til cold weather, this will be my uniform. It is so warm and cuddly.

And a few notes.

1. Dear self, do not EVER EVER EVER be tempted to use this fabric ever again. Enjoy this wrap and know it will be your last minky anything ever. It's wonderful to have on your skin. It's a royal bitch and a half to work with.

2. Also, self, that camera on the Echo Show is only good in a pinch and then 'good' is probably the wrong word.

The road to here with this crappy photo was overly long and wind-y. Find shot in Amazon storage and download. Upload to Google for croping. Download so that I can upload to Flickr. IF either Amazon or Google allowed single photo URLs, steps could have been eliminated. Also if Flickr would get their editor back in place... I also could have uploaded to LJ but once a picture gets into the LJ Scrapbook, I can never find it again. My photo issues are many.

I was listening to podcast when I finished the green wrap and I didn't want to interrupt the podcast so I stayed at the sewing machine and made a doll.

Now it's time to read the paper and watch the game and convert some more patterns to the good paper.

p.s. I just read on Twitter that a whole new Vera season is coming to Acorn in August so I guess I can't cancel that subscription after all. Bolicks (bolox? bollix? whatever)
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