Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Misc thots du jour

I was so exhausted from the sun that I fell asleep at 9:30 and slept 9 hours nearly without moving.

A few notes. 1. I plan on getting a 20 game ticket pack next year. If there are any afternoon games in the mix, unless they are on Sunday (best meal), I will likely sell them. 2. The Mets had more fans there (and more organized - all the same section dressed alike) than Boston does and Boston has a lot. They had way more than the Yankees and they were way nicer about it, too. (Of course, we only play the Mets about once every five years so that's maybe some of the reason.)

And 3. Clothes. I sit on the last row of the premium seats. There are 8 rows between me and home plate and lots of those rows have rich people sitting in them. I'm fascinated by rich people clothes. Two matinees in a week. The one on Wednesday, had lots of very nice and interesting men's clothes. Beautiful fabrics with amazing detail in the seams and collars and interesting fits. It was really fascinating.

On Saturday, the men were wearing stuff but the women! Really interesting styles and, again, luxury fabrics. There was a white cotton blouse that was the prettiest woven fabric I think I'd ever seen. I was dying to feel it. And there was another really interesting blouse that had kind of a cape for sleeves that sounds uggy but was very attractive.

I have thought that next year, I want a seat that is closer to the aisle and closer to the field but now I am rethinking. mindyklasky pointed out that being in the center of the aisle means way less traffic climbing over you and I now see her point but yesterday I was sandwiched between two very large people (and I'm not tiny by a long fucking shot) and it was pretty miserable. So I'm going back and forth about that. But I'm nearly abandoning the closer to the field desire. I have decided that watching rich baseball fans is a big plus.

After my swim today, I stopped at the place I've been going to on Saturdays. I've missed the last two Saturdays so I thought I'd give it a Sunday go. Bad move. Either they have completely tanked in two weeks or the Sunday chef is a loser. The potatoes were rubbery and the eggs were clearly cooked by someone who truly did not give a shit. Also the service was a little shoddy. I will likely give them another Saturday try but I'm pretty sad faced about today.

Last year the Seahawks put something like 4,000 tickets up for sale at the end of July at the stadium, 4 to a customer. People started lining up on Sunday even though the Seahawks said no lining up before Monday. No tents. No overnights. etc. etc. Then, because they said no to all of that, there was no organization and on Monday morning there were fist fights and mayhem. But... did they learn? NFW. Their website clearly says the same stuff. No tents, no overnight, no queue of any time before Monday.

When I headed out to the pool this morning, there were already about 25 tents and about 200 people lined up and the population doubled by the time I got back. The tickets go on sale Monday. No control. No organization. Besides the fact that I don't know anything about or any any appreciation for football, I think the Seahawks organization has their head up their ass.

Here inside (where the air conditioner is king), there's a baseball game at 1 and while they play, I'm going to continue on my pattern project. Before then I'm going to finish up my sweater/jacket thing. I was going to read the paper first but...

No breaking news, I'm sure... it will all wait until she's found someplace else to sit.
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