Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm staying inside from now on - with one exception

It was soooooooo hot. I had all the precautions. A loose shirt, a sleeve to keep my arm out of the direct sun, a mister with a fan, cold drinks but it was still broiling and just so uncomfortable. Why oh why did they have to tear down the Kingdome?!

Finally in the bottom of the 6th the shade came but by that time I was just beat to a pulp by the fucking sun. And then I had to walk home in the sun. I'm done with it. Done. I have one more game in the afternoon - mid August. Maybe it will be a rainy day in August. Maybe. Hopefully.

Seattle's big parade of the year is tonight. It starts at the Space Needle and ends down here so the street outside my terrace is backed up with horse trailers and other parade stuff. I'm too tired to care.

For the first 10 years I lived here, the parade marched across the Kingdome parking lot and around the Kingdome itself - right in front of my terrace. There was no Tree That I Hate to block the view. I could (and did) sit on my terrace, usually with friends, and watch and loved it.

And then they tore down the Kingdome (which, by the way, would have been a FAR nicer place to have played today's game) and the tree grew to block my view and then they built two apartment buildings and a hotel and an office building in the parade route so now I see nothing and hear nothing since it has to stop before it really gets within earshot.

It's ok. I'm too tired and hot and sweaty to care.
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