Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On Saturdays (and Sundays) the pool does not open until 8 so I sleep in. I've been sipping coffee and interneting so far this morning. I've still got about 45 minutes before it makes sense to leave for the pool.

Then I want to stop at Office Depot. Yesterday I picked up a neat little thing - it's a very small stand that is a whiteboard/magnetic board. I got it for the sewing room but now I want one for every room. Perfect for jotting down quick notes and faster than getting my phone out of my pocket. It was in one of those cardboard bins of things they won't have for long and it's not online or at Amazon so if I'm going to get, I need to get today.

Then home until 11 when it's time to go to the Mariner game. It's my last Diamond game until one in mid August. It's going to be cloudlessly hot but, I'm even more prepared this time. It will be fun.

Last night, after I posted about wanting to hang my patterns. I went to my closet and discovered that some simple moving of stuff from one side to another will give me enough hanging room! This means after I make all my patterns out of the heavy paper, I can keep them organized and nice and out of sight! Right now they are rolled into tubes in a bin in the sewing room. I can chuck the bin and my sewing room will also be tidier. So many wins. I did the swim suit pattern last night and the 32 pound paper is going to work perfectly.

I think I'll get up and get ready and gather the garbage to make a bin run on the way to the car.
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