Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Every time I fold laundry and put it away...

Putting clean clothes back into the closet always always reminds me that someone really needs to get in there and do some heavy duty pruning. There are way too many 'what if someday' and 'maybe' clothes in there and probably behind them, some stuff I really want and have forgotten about. Plus I have taken to putting some of my fabric stash in there and it's getting crowded.

Soon. Not today but soon.

Today I got the jacket/sweater thing sewn up enough to know I need to tweak the pattern before I make it out of good stuff. In fact, it's off enough so that I probably need to make another test. I still have enough Goodwill jersey sheets to make another one. I cut up the first one so I could use the scraps and made a new pattern with the fixes.

Then I put the laundry away.

I had to go to the post office so I walked up the street and kept on going to the teriyaki place and got dinner. Two dinners actually since their portions are so big.

The new building manager may be in over his head. There is a lot going on with people moving in, a unit for sale, 5 units being redone and still more security issues. And so the regular stuff is just not getting done. I was just down there to get pick up a package and the woman moving in was tearing him a new one over something that, honestly, sounded kinda legit. Like he promised, dropped the ball and now she's in a pickle. I really want him to succeed but, even more, I want the building to be run well.

I love having the front door camera back. Especially on move in days. I love watching and judging people's stuff. This woman has some giant stuff. And a whole lot of it. And her movers are kind of doofuses.

I hit the Medicare donut hole. My order of 3 inhalers came to $409. Before the hole they were $45 each. It could be way worse and has been in the past. At least this is 3 months worth. After this, I'll get 6 more inhalers for 2017 and they will be on the other side of the hole and will be free or close to it. So in the long run, no biggie really.

Every morning while I swim, I listen to music (sometimes books but mostly music) on an iPod Shuffle that has been waterproofed. Today Apple announced they were abandoning the Shuffle. There ain't no Plan B. There are other waterproof MP3 players but they suck. Mainly they don't have the volume you need and I've never had one last more than a month. I hate the Shuffle because of it forces me to use iTunes BUT it's absolutely loud enough and while they rarely last more than 6 months, each comes with a two year warranty. There is a Kickstarter product that will replace the shuffle but it was supposed to ship in July and they have already said they will not make that with no news of a new date. So today I ordered a new Shuffle just to have on hand, in the closet, just in case.

I am not into the eclipse. I'm kind of embarrassed about that. I feel like all the smart people are obsessed with it and I'm not even into the cool glasses.

I am into the new rumors about the new Google chromebook. It has a stylus which I think is very cool. I probably would not use it much but I'd love to have one.

Time now to get back to work on this sweater and another dead British suburbian.
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