Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All Day Long

I feel like every day recently has been taken by some sort of activity, responsibility, promised project. But, today, I have nothing in my way at all. I do need to make a trip to the library but I think that's going to be tomorrow.

Today I'm going to add a pocket to my latest tshirt and sew up the jacket/wrap/sweater thing I cut out the other night. It's a another 'test' of a pattern using my cheap jersey sheets. If it works like I think it will, I plan to make one out of fleece and probably one out of a good knit and maybe even more.

There also may be some laundry done.

And sweater knitting. I tried on the sweater I'd been making last night and decided I didn't like it. I love the yarn. I hated the sweater. So I ripped it all out. Most yarn will rip out so you can reuse it but this stuff rips and recovers better than most so easy peasy. I stared a different pattern reusing the yarn. Way better.

It's beautifully cloudy and almost foggy this morning. No need to even have the blinds down. I maybe even turn off the A/C for a bit and open up the door.

No baseball tonight. Probably more Murder in Suburbia instead. I've discovered that Acorn TV really doesn't have that much that I haven't seen elsewhere. So once I finish off Suburbia, I'll cancel.
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