Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hard won haul

It was too sunny and hot to be driving around in a car this morning. The glare is a killer, not to mention the heat. Oh, glare reminds me, I need to call the eye doctor for an appointment. Just did. 7:40 next Tuesday. Since I'd much rather have the earliest appointment I can get, I can usually get in pretty fast. And this trick just worked again!

So back to my trip. I started with DK Market and found my crackers as well as some other goodies. Then on to Walmart where the customer service line had nobody in it! I got my refund and couldn't really find anything to spend the money on there so I split.

I went to St. Vincent de Pauls which was a huge disappointment. So huge, in fact, that when I got back to the car, I googled for a nearby Goodwill and found one. SCORE!! 3 jersey sheets and a yard of beautiful periwinkle french terry (vest for sure) and two other nice nice yards of stripey knits. $30.

Did I mention I have a new grape counter top?

I spent some time cleaning up the sewing room and then did another test tshirt. I decided the previous one was just a hair to long in the shoulders and shoulder fit is the most important fit to me. So I redid. Today's test nailed. it. Oh and I also tested sleeve length for short sleeves. I like my short sleeves longer than most. Also nailed that. I need to hem the sleeves and bottom but it got too hot in the sewing room.

So I left that for another day and I'm cutting the elastic out of the sheets in front of the air conditioner.

Tomorrow I have another Diamond Club game but it is an afternoon game and I cannot say I'm really looking forward to it that much. My next three games, as a matter of fact, are all afternoon games. I need to work on my attitude about this. It would be really silly to spend this much for an experience I don't enjoy. I do have the breezy Mariner shirt I made and one of those hand held mister fans. And it will be cooler than the last afternoon game I suffered through.

Just remembered that I forgot to get the mail. I think I'll do that now.
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