Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wait to hear if I got screwed

The laminate place scared the shit out of me this morning. They sent me two different invoices adding up to more than double their original estimate AND told me they could not use my Discover card (which they had no trouble using when they charged me for 50% up front). A few emails and a call later, all the invoice issues were cleared up, they gave me $100 off and I'm not worried about the Discover card. If they want their $ they will noodle that one out on their own.

Made for an interesting morning though. My kitchen looks so wonderful. I drag my hand around that bull nosed edge every time I walk by. I've decided, however, that it's not purple. It's grape. Just got the email that she was able to use my Discover card as I suspected she would :)

Oh and in the middle of all the kitchen billing issues my chromebook froze which it does very rarely - maybe once a year. I use my chromebook for most everything and if it died, I'd be sooooo sad. They don't make them any more and probably won't ever again and I really don't want it to die.

I'm kind of waiting until the rush hour traffic clears out a bit and then I'm going to hit the road for a quick (I hope) trip down south to Walmart and the big Asian market. And a stop at St. Vincent de Paul's to see if I can find some more jersey sheets. Then home for sewing and other mayhem.
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