Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now I know

There is a gigantic slate of mayoral candidates in our primary coming up August 1. I have had my choice narrowed down to two for a while now. I haven't voted yet because I keep changing my mind between them. A or B?

Just now I rode up in the elevator with the woman who lives two doors down. She was on the city council for many many years and only ever speaks to me during campaigns when she introduces herself as if we have never met. Since she got voted out finally, she ran one more time and then gave up and has not introduced herself to me since. Besides finding her difficult as a person, I disagree with her politics and her decisions while on the council.

Today she's wearing a Vote For B t-shirt and carrying a sign saying Vote For B. To be honest, B is the one I was leaning away from anyway, but knowing that my neighbor thinks she's vote worthy is plenty enough reason for me to vote for A.

Decision made. Ballot filled out and ready to pop into the ballot box which is right next to the library which reminds me, I have CDs to return. Better get both of those onto the calendar!

p.s. I do love that my top two choices are women. Of the 21 people running, 6 are women. Seattle had the first woman first female mayor of a major American city. She served from 1926 to 1928. We have not had one since.
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