Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All done!!

The glue smell lingers but the work is done and it looks so great. I really do love it. I love the color and the rounded edge.

But, now the rug clashes. Time for a new one. The woman at the laminate place just sent me a note saying she can't use my Discover card. 'we only take visa and mastercard'. Interesting since she happily charged the down payment to my Discover card. Weird.

And I made a t-shirt while they were laminating. It's a test of the pattern I made in class on Saturday and a 100% success. I made it out of the jersey bedsheet I bought at Goodwill and I think I like it maybe even more than the fancy dancy fabric I bought. What I wanted was a more fitted long sleeved t-shirt to wear under things that was nice enough to wear by itself, too. Score. I need to transfer the pattern to heavier paper and add it to my Favorite Pattern stack.

The jersey bedsheet thing was also pretty genius. I read that tip on Reddit and will be keeping an eye out for more.

Ok, I just interrupted this entry to shop for and buy a new rug. It may be a giant mistake but it's done now. I couldn't find anything I liked at Amazon. I bought this one at Overdrive. If I hate it, it's not going to be practical at all to return it. So... fingers crossed.

Speaking of returns, I need to make another Walmart run to return some stuff I got the other day. I think I'll go to the other one and hit up DK Market on the same trip and finally get some more of those Julie's crackers. I think I may just make that trip tomorrow.
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