Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So much stuff!!!

I do remember from moving that those few books you have on that one shelf becomes a massive library when you pack it into boxes. The same thing happened with my kitchen. I try to keep the kitchen clutter free. I like big patches of nothing on the counter. But holy fuck is there a lot of shit when you go to move it all off.

Plus this morning, the counter sales woman told me I needed to clear out under the sink and the open shelves I have under the counter. It's now all done and my living room is a mess. So much stuff!! Ugh.

Once everything was all off the counter, I grabbed the sponge to clean it off. And then remembered that it was all going into the bin - dirty is fine, thank you.

The counter peops will be here at '8 or a little after'. Since they didn't ask about parking until 6:45 this morning, I'm guess it will be closer to 8:30 as they try to find parking and then give up and pull into the parking lot and pay up. I'd be a little more sympathetic had they done a little more pre-planning. My expectations are really low about this whole counter top replacement experience and so far they are being met.

The cat is already unsettled since I had to move her food bowl. She'll get over it. She's pretty chill about stuff like this.

This morning, when I made the bed, I found cat fur on the sheet next to my pillow. She was not there when I went to sleep. And not there when I woke up. But sometime in the night, she grabbed a free snuggle which amuses me.

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