Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not what I expected but worthwhile anyway

I signed up for a class that promised we would make a t-shirt and learn how to use a serger. We did neither of those things in the 4 hour class, but, I totally got my money's worth anyway. And, frankly, had I known what the class intended to teach, I probably would not have signed up for the class at all and that would have been my loss.

I learned that there is a major flaw in the pattern I've been using for more than a year now. And I learned how to fix it. I always knew something was off a little with the sleeve but never could put my finger on the problem. Now I know the problem and exactly how to fix it.

And I learned that the hem I keep trying to get right with a double needle is never ever going to work BUT the double needle trick works great on the neck that is also sometimes an issue for me.

And I learned that I do not like Bernina machines. And I do like some tools I've known about but never tried.

AND, even if you don't use steam, keep water in your iron. It helps balance the heat more effectively.

I feel way smarter. But beat. The class was 11-3 so I was starving when I got home but that's been fixed.

Oh the mail from the clinic was, indeed, my eye doctor wanting me to make a date. I guess I was wrong about September. Oh well. Also sadly, the My Chart app won't let me set up an appointment. So I'll have to call. Ugh. But, at least it's not my main doctor leaving!

The baseball game is still a couple of hours out. I have a tricky bit in my sweater that needs concentration so I think I'll do that now so that I can work on the no-thinking-needed parts during the game.
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