Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Borrowing Trouble

That 'here's what's coming in your mail today' email shows a letter from the Polyclinic. It's not a bill (I just checked that online). So it's either a 'time for your appointment (eye, regular, lung - eye isn't until the Fall, just had regular and lung is in February) OR it's 'your doctor is leaving our practice'. I love my lung doctor so it better not be him. My eye doctor is new so it's probably not him and I like him a lot, too. If my regular doctor is leaving I am going to be so so so very unhappy. He's young so maybe he's going to another practice. If it's anywhere near here, I will go with him even if I have to change insurance.

Or I could wait and see what the letter says.

Also in the email was the screen shot of this year's tax appraisal. Here's a screenshot of the screenshot... love technology.

So this means that however much they raise the taxes this year, I get to pay 12% more of that total!! Weee!!! On the other hand, I cannot believe I own a residence that the county thinks is worth $474,000. I should dig out my first one of these. I believe, it was in the neighborhood of $75,000 total building and land. 1992. AND we were exempt from any taxes for the first 10 years because it is an historic building.

All week long. In fact, for the past few weeks, I've been the only swimmer in the pool most of the time. Today, at one point for about 15 minutes there were 3 people in each of 2 lanes and the third lane had 2 people in it. One guy sat and waited for a spot for 15 minutes! I have no clue why. Two of the people were people I see often. The rest were people I'd never seen before. Just strange.

My cellphone bill is based on how much data I use. I don't use that much since I'm on wifi most of the time. But when Scott and Julie were here I was out sucking down data all day for a week. I knew my bill was going to be way bigger than usual. Turns out it was only about $6.00 more than the usual $35. AND then I get an email from Google saying they fucked up some data calculations during that same time and they will be adding some credits to my invoice in the next week. Nice!!

My class today starts at 11 and it's now 10:20. I need to find a notebook to take with me, otherwise I'm ready.
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