Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new habit that I really like

This week I've been Doing It Now - for all little things. Instead of stockpiling stuff for when I get a Round To It, I'm just doing it now.

For Example: The board that hides the wires on my desk fell off when the cleaner was knocking around the desk. The velcro glue that is the key to its staying in place had dried up and blown away so I pulled out the hot glue gun and fixed it and then put the hot glue gone away.

One of my shades has not been lowering like it should. It's controlled remotely. So is it remote? blind? battery or remote? battery of blind? something else? I did some battery swapping and other swapping and tried several other things and then it lost all response. So I called the blind company. After I explained the problem and the things I had done to try and fix it, there was a silence and then she said 'You've done every single troubleshooting step I have. Want a job?' Then she put me on hold while she searched the part number of the piece that holds the batteries. While I was on hold I took all the batteries out and put them back and whacked it a couple of times and it started working! She's sending me a couple of battery wands anyway. It was a lovely chat.

I have four blinds and each takes 12 AA batteries. I had 12.

So I managed to get all four into the down (keepthefuckingsunoutsidesilvouplait) and went on to Goldberg's and Walmart. I found a parking spot in the shade! And went to Walmart and got my shopping done and then went to Goldberg's where I got a sandwich and wallowed in their air conditioning with free wifi. Nice. I got my potato salad and coleslaw and was walking back to my shady parking spot when I remembered that I'd forgotten batteries! Whew.

The blinds have all now been re-batteried and boy are they snappy. I also resync'd them all.

I finished the bag I was working on. It's the third time I've made the bag and each one has been better than the last. I did the magnet closure better this time and added a cellphone pocket. It's a success.

Tomorrow I have a sewing class. It's a class on cloning t-shirts. I have one I bought at Goodwill several years ago that is perfect and I want more perfect ones. Also I'm going to learn how to use a serger. I'm quite looking forward to it. It's in the shop/studio that is 3 blocks from here. Quite handy. 11-3. So I'll be able to swim first and then get some breakfast and have plenty of time to get there.

I need to start doing some get-up-from-a-sitting-position exercises. I know what I want to do, I just need to get into the habit of doing them.

I never intended to live this long and am not interested in living forever but as long as I'm here, I sure don't want to be that old lady who can't get out of the chair. And/or has to have one of chairs with an eject button.

Cold dinner planned and ready and game starts at 7.
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