Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sleepin' in

I slept an hour past my normal waking up time this morning. i didn't mean to but no biggie. The main reason for getting up early these days is to avoid the traffic coming home from the pool. Friday is the lightest weekday traffic wise and I hit a little but not much so no harm/no fowl.

The game last night was a hard one. There was no score until after the starting pitchers retired and then it was really anyone's game. The Yankees really do suck. It was amazing to watch them fuck up right an left. The Mariners do that kind of stupid stuff all the time but it was shocking to see the Yankees do it. But, they won anyway - kind of by accident. It's clear that the next three games - all against the Yankees are as easy to call as a coin toss.

I will say, however, that Yankee fans are the Trumps of the baseball world. They are all just as obnoxious, rude, loud and offensive as they can possibly be. It's actually kind of amazing how horrible they are.

To the right of my seat is a 3 seat group that are 'owned' by a casino, I'm pretty sure. So far for nearly every game I've been to, this really nice, young (25)ish blonde girl comes with two men - a different two men every time. Last night she sat next to me and was just the perfect baseball companion. She paid focused attention to the game and clearly knew what she was watching. There were tons of other women in seats all around us who were only there, apparently, to take selfies. And I mean that's what they did all freakin' night long. I'm down with one and maybe a couple for backup but 5 or 6 every single inning???

Any way, blonde girl and I watched the game, she did not even try for chat, except to comment now and again on a particular play. Most pleasant. The people on the left of me didn't even show up.

It's such a luxury not to have to get in a car and fight traffic after the games. My front door is almost exactly the perfect distance from the stadium. My legs get stretched and my spine re-aligned after sitting so long. It's an excellent walk.

Today I think I'm going over to Factoria. It's maybe 20 minutes from here. I'll stop in Walmart but the main reason is to get some Goldberg's potato salad and coleslaw.

Then I'll do some sewing - my bag is nearly done.

Nothing else on my hit parade today.
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