Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday I fell in the lobby which is all tile. I slipped on some cardboard what they lay down to protect the tile. For the rest of the day my knee, ankle, hip and back really hurt. I figured today I'd be a cripple but, no. My knee is still sore but even it got better by the end of my swim. Oh and joy oh joy, one of the TVs in the locker room is broken!! And the others had the sound turned way down. Nice. Very nice.

And, even nicer, we have a cloudy day!! They are even predicting a little rain maybe. I have the air conditioner turned off and the door open with the shades up. I know it won't last. Probably will be too hot within the hour but, for now, ahhhhhhh.

My coffee tumbler was in the Keurig already this morning so I popped a pod in and hit Brew and turned my back to work with the scrambled egg in the microwave. So I didn't even notice that the lid was on the tumbler until I saw the coffee dripping onto the floor. Messy, that was.

Tonight's a Diamond Club night. The Yankees. Who, lately, suck. The Mariners, lately, don't suck. Could work out nicely for us. But even if not will be fun to watch - especially in the cool. My next two games after this are day games in the broiling sun. Yesterday I discovered that the buffet menus for each game are online!! Here's tonight's.

My seat is smack in the middle of the row and while sitting 9 rows back from home plate does not suck one single bit, when you have to pee, crawling over 11 people to get out to the aisle isn't that much fun. BUT, mindyklasky told me that she and her husband have their seats (for Washington Nationals games) in the middle of the row on purpose so they don't get people obstructing their views. And that got me thinking that at least I never ever have people crawling over me to get out. So tonight I'm going to work on a new appreciation for middle of the row.

I think today is going to be a sewing day. I'm dreadfully behind in my podcasts (which are all set up to hear/watch on the mounted sewing room tablet. I have several dolls cut out and ready for assembly and one bag. And yesterday I bought two knit sheets for very cheap at Goodwill to try out some new t-shirt ideas. So lots of sewing.
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