Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Munching Memories

Winston-Salem, the town I spent most of my growing up years in, was settled by Moravians - a Christian denomination with European roots and fabulous rituals and traditions. We were not members of a Moravian church, but, they were a huge part of the town and, the high school I went to was Moravian.

They had some great food. Particularly coffee and baked goods. While their coffee was brewing, they mixed thick cream with sugar and heated it and then mixed it with the coffee. I like coffee and I like my coffee black, no sugar. BUT I'd flat out knock you over if you stood between me and a cup of this marvelous Moravian brew.

Their breads and cakes and cookies were/are the stuff of dreams. Fairly simple and massively delicious. They had a coffee cake that could make you see jesus.

Their cookies were also heaven. They were molasses and ginger cookies nearly thin enough to read through. They also made a lemon sugar cookie that was also thin, crunchy and delicious.

Today, at Costco, because the aisle I wanted to go down was too crowded, I went down an aisle I didn't really mean to and there, smack in the middle were boxes of MORAVIAN lemon sugar cookies!!!!

Fortunately, the box contained individually wrapped stacks. I just ate a stack (normal humans would probably eat a third of a stack at a time). At least I didn't open a second one. YUM. So good. So so good.

What a weird thing for Costco to have but thank you!

House is clean, Goodwill drop made, spent under $20 in the Goodwill store and now I'm home. and the Mariners have a thin lead - thin but it's a lead. And we're in the 6th inning.
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