Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why did I not think of this before????

My condo has a bath and a half. So guests use the half bath. No one ever sees my full bath off my bedroom. I have a toilet with flusher buttons on the top of the tank. It's an elongated model so the toilet lid, when up rises about 5 inches above the top of the tank which makes getting to the flusher buttons a bitch and a half. I've had this exact arrangement for more than two years now and been annoyed by it multiple times every single day.

It finally dawned on me to look into just removing the damn lid all together. And just now I did. Easy peasy. Snaps right off. AND NOW I CAN REACH THE BUTTONS TO FLUSH!!!! And who the hell cares if my toilet goes lid-less, certainly not me. This is as liberating as when I gave up the top sheet on my bed years ago.

Next frontier is the junk box next to my chair. I have one chair that I sit in for everything - TV watching, knitting, computing... and it has a little box that has all the essentials I am too lazy to get up and get. Clippers for my nails, clippers for Zoey's nails, screen cleaner and cloth, emery board, tooth picker, chap stick, ruler, stitch markers, note pad, pen, gum, back scratcher, fan remote, a/c remote and even more odds and ins. I've tried a variety of ways to hide it. I've tried trading for a smaller box so that I have to cut down on the amount of shit. I've tried breaking it out into too boxes. The problem is that it takes up too much room and there's so much shit in it, that I can never find what I want.

But, now that the toilet situation is sorted, I will have more time and brain power to devote to this next frontier.

When the house cleaner gets here this morning, I will get her to sign her life away for the new house key and go down to the building manager and get one for her and then, go out. Maybe Costco (toilet paper), maybe library (return CD's), maybe Goodwill, (my donation basket says it's time and it's Senior Discount Day), maybe Uwajimaya (poke bowl!)... I have options :)

The baseball game is at 11 today.

I finally signed up for Acorn TV last night. I'm tired of HGTV and figured watching Brits solve murders would be more fun. The first one I saw was Murder in Suburbia - disconcerting to see Doc Martin's wife has a new job as a police detective. I have an old Amazon Fire TV and and old Roku. I was really surprised at how cumbersome the Acorn app is on Amazon and how slick it is on Roku. Glad I have choices. I'll probably watch this stuff for a month or so and then either switch to the other British streaming service, buy a month or two of Hulu OR it will be Fall and the new regular TV season. We shall see...
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