Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whew and yeah

What a fun day.

I met mindyklasky! We had a great breakfast and visit. So fun to put a living/breathing human with an LJ handle that I've known for a while now. We have a lot of shared interests and I think we just barely scratched the visit surface but it was just delightful.

Then, on the way home, my tracker told me I had done my steps for the day. Before lunch! Go me. It's warm out but, happily, in the mornings, I can walk in shade and it's perfectly cool enough to enjoy.

Once home, I set out gathering all the bits for the sewing machine that's going to a new home. I even managed to find the manual. Go me again! The young lady who wanted it gets a very high grade for communications skills. She kept me posted on her progress to my house. Once here she was so cute and so excited and said that she had decided she couldn't afford it at the store. But she tried to pay me again. I declared it a Pay It Forward situation. She then told me her birthday is in two days. What a fun thing. I am astounded that we found each other and made it happen. So serendipitous and so very cool. When I walked back into my unit, it was fun to see it gone.

It's hot hot hot in here now. Part of that is from my running around so I need to stop doing that for a bit. And then I need to do some picking up of stuff in prep for the house cleaner tomorrow.

Twice today, people have, instead of just reaching out, asked 'are you a hugger?' I don't know that I've ever had anyone ask before. It seems strange on the surface but I think I rather like their not assuming. I think I like it a lot and I liked the hugs.

I no longer take great care of my fingernails like i used to. But, if they are not all the same length, it drives me nuts. When I went to pick up the handle of the sewing machine it sheared off one thumbnail to just above the quick. So just now I cut all the rest way back. Not to the quick but close. Now it's going to take me a day to get used to it. But, heck, I've got the time.
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