Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

three things

Several people on my LJ Friends list include short lists of things they are grateful for or things that make them happy. Since I feel like I am nearly always happy and grateful (and am happy and grateful about that!), I've never taken up the task but am so enjoying the exposure to what makes other people tick in this way. (I'm lookin' at you colesdragon.)

My 478th waterproofed iPod Shuffle is joining its brethren in brokenville. I backed a kickstarter project that offers up a new swimming/music option. It was supposed to ship in July but, of course, is delayed. So I'm stuck with the iPod Shuffle still. (Yes, there are other waterproof mp3 players. I think I've tried them all. As bad as the Shuffle is, they are worse.) These shuffles come with a 2 year warranty but rarely last me more than six or so months. I send them back and they send a replacement that lasts another six or so months and then I buy new. Over and over again. I now have 3 that kind of sort of a little bit work sometimes. One of those is now going back for warranty repair/replacement. It's an endless cycle.

Oh my Ezio Pinza boyfriend was back in the pool today. He's extended his swim time significantly. We he first started, he lasted about 10 minutes. He's increased his time a little bit every time and today he was in there for about 25. Go Ezio!!

Yesterday on the sewing subReddit, someone posted that they had the same sewing machine as I do but was considering buying the model that is currently sitting on my sewing room floor because I fell out of like and patience with it. Originally I was going to just hang on to it as a backup machine, but I don't really have a place to store it and now, having used my current one, I really don't want to go back to it. So I posted about my experiences with the two machines and added... if you are in Seattle come and get it.

Well, guess what?! She's in Seattle! So the sewing machine will get welcomed into a new home and it will no longer junk up my sewing room. I'm very pleased about this. Just this morning, while I was swimming I was reorganizing my sewing room once again so that it doesn't look so junky. and trying to figure out what to do about that machine. Karma. Love it.
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