Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Popeye's for the very big win

There's a section of Seattle which has been, for a long time, relatively low income. Not ghetto but kinda rough. It's called White Center which is interesting since the population is mainly not white but whatever. Anyway, the closest dollar store is in White Center so I know the area. And it's getting more and more better. There's a fried chicken place - not a chain - down there that I've been meaning to try forever. The guy from last Saturday's breakfast recommended a great burger (and Cheerwine) at a place down there. Today I read that a local chain of decent hamburgers is opening a store down there, too. But, I'm pretty sure none of those places will ever get tried by me because... that's where the put the new Popeye's.

I was out this morning and not really very near there to get groceries and do library stuff but I went anyway and got 12 pieces (dark, mild) and 2 biscuits. I had a piece for lunch. OMG so fucking good. I mean really just so good it's almost a religious experience. I'll probably have 2 or 3 pieces for dinner and freeze the rest.

There is also a large Asian grocery store that I'd never noticed before so I went it. It did not have the crackers I wanted but it did have a lovely selection of stuff. I bought some cookies and some crackers.

I finished my New Zealand tea towel shirt and I like it lots. It actually says New Zealand down there in the left hand corner if the sheep aren't enough of a clue.

And mindyklasky, I'll wear it tomorrow so you can find me. It is very likely that I will be the only old, fat white woman on the corner of Alaska and Marion wearing a shirt like this. Very likely.

I also tore down the finished lobby puzzle and put it on the bookshelf in the garage so we can do it again one day. And started a new one.

Next up, I got some CD's at the library to listen to while I swim. I need to get those organized. and put away kitchen stuff. And then it will be time for the ballgame.
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