Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Mondays still reign supreme at the pool. I swam by myself on Saturday and on Sunday and today there was a crowd. I expect that by tomorrow it will go back to just me. Especially in the summer, everyone seems to want to wash away the weekend hangover and then forgets the pledge to keep this up all week. S'ok with me.

I did get some intel today. The quiet calm of the locker room was interrupted last week with the blaring of some 24 hour news channel. They did have music - not good music but music - for a while but then they turned the TV sound on and the volume to FUCKING LOUD and it makes me nuts. I do not want to hear about Trump while I'm naked.

Finally today, I asked Bridget, the lady who cleans, what the deal was and she said that the music was broken and they had complaints that it was too quiet in the locker room so they cranked up the annoy.

BUT as I was getting dressed in the shower (the farthest point from the TV) I remembered a special bathroom off the pool area - it even has a shower. That will be my new locker room. Problem solved!

Today's chore is library/market. I have books to return, a CD to pick up and a little bit of grocery shopping to do. Then I need to get cracking in the sewing room. I've got a start on several things and I need to get a finish on some of them.

Tomorrow I am going to meet an LJ friend face to face for breakfast! Wednesday is house cleaner day. Thursday is a Diamond Club baseball game. Friday is a trip to Costco or Goldberg's deli or both. Big week!!
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