Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a nice outing

The bus trip was fun. It takes a full hour to get there and a another to get home so that left us only 2 hours there and one of those was eating. But we walked around and saw stuff and, really, probably 3 hours would have been too long.

There was a marvelous fabric shop across the hall for a beautiful sewing supply shop that I only peeked into. Stepping across the threshold would have been way too frustrating and a major time suck. But, note to self, there's a great pie shop and good sewing adventures if you are ever near there again.

The old buses are cool and we rode back in one of the really older ones. They left the bus cards up and the one describing the fair structure was from 1998 (I think - I may be mis remembering but it was somewhere near there). The fun part of the ride home was that we were at the front of the bus with a little group of bus nerds who were pretty fun to listen to as they swapped bus stories, tips and stuff with the bus driver.

When I got home I discovered that the peach pie slice procured at the aforementioned pie shop had leaked onto my sweater and backpack. So a quick little laundry happened. Then I resumed my sweater where, just before bed last night, I had to rip out a section. Sandy called and we talked building security after a weekend with the new cams. She now wants more and better placement. Totally doable.

Friday night I watched a guy try to get in for 15 minutes. He even kicked the door at one point and then someone else came along with a key and let him in. I went back into the history and was easily able to pull out a clip of the whole thing and send it to Sandy. She recognized both of them and has already called the door kicker to have a little chat.

The Mariners won again today - that's 3 games in a row... freaky.

I think it's going to be more House of Cards tonight and... that peach pie for dinner.
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