Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday adventure

I woke up at my normal time this morning to hear Zoey, the cat, expressing her desire for breakfast very loudly. I have zero problems sleeping through cat chatter so I went back to sleep for another 30 minutes. When I finally did get up she was desperate for food. Weird. I gave her what was left of last night's dinner and that was not enough so she got more. Finally sated, she's now under the bedclothes on this bed snoozing away. Her eating habits change nearly every day. Some days I swear, she'd eat me and some days she's totally indifferent to food.

I remembered to get the newspaper from the hallway this morning. I wonder how the paper delivery person gets in and how he/she keeps her key with the new security crack down. Wonder, idly, not wonder worried or doing something about it. They are changing the locks tomorrow. I do hope that all goes smoothly.

But before then, we have an adventure. There is an organization here in Seattle of retired bus drivers and they restore old buses and then have excursions that are open to the public. ljtourist and I are going on one today. It's one I went on several years ago.

You meet the old buses down on the corner about 3 blocks from here. You line up, pay $5 and the bus you away. One year I did the night time Christmas lights tour which was really fun. Today we're going to Snohomish: "A special 4-hour scenic trip to the historic town of Snohomish to celebrate Kla Ha Ya Days where you can go to the Sunday Farmers Market, admire the hot rods and classic cars at the Car and Motorcycle Show and Shine or browse the town’s many antique shops. Buses depart at 11 a.m." Snohomish is about an hour from here. Should be fun.

But, first, a swim.
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