Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Feeling Special

After my swim this morning, I headed over to Arthur's for breakfast. It's my new goto and there is at least one menu item I haven't tried yet and several more I'd like to repeat. And it's just a lovely, stress free place to enjoy good food.

There's a waiter (owner/partial owner) there who has an odd accent. Half of his vowels sound Kiwi and half sound Aussie and today he sounded half Kiwi and half Southern US. So after he got my order I said "Your accent seems half New Zealand and half Southern US and is very disconcerting." He said he was from North Carolina and I said I had grown up in Winston-Salem which is exactly where he is from. Albeit 35-40 years apart. But his accent turned pure North Carolina and we had a lovely chat. He told me about a burger place (one I'd had on my list to try) where you can get Cheerwine* and that he found Texas Pete hot sauce in the grocery the other day.

When I was done, he brought the check but avoided taking my credit card. And then avoided it again and again. Finally, I looked at the bill and it said "Fun to meet a Tar Heel, breakfast is on me. See you next Saturday." How about that?!! Very sweet.

*In the 50's in the South, we used the word Coke to mean soda or pop. If you went out to get a Coke (which you did because having it in your ice box was just too frivolous), you really went out to get a soft drink of some kid. An Orangeade or a Yahoo or a Cheerwine or maybe even a Coke which, when you ordered it you called it a Coca-Cola. You went out for a coke. You ordered a Coca-Cola. Got it? Anyway Cheerwine was one of those soft drinks and like RC Cola and Dr. Pepper, it was mostly regional.

I had a bitch of a time getting home. Between a run and roadwork, the detours nearly had me going around the horn to get home. But I'm home.

I've got the Front Door on the TV, the package camera on the tablet, the chickens on another tab on this chromebook. And thinking about what other hardware I have around the house that I could use to monitor things. I think I have a problem.

There was no one at the pool today but me. It was lonesome plus I miss my new pool boyfriend. He better not be ghosting me.

Today is sewing. I think I might make a new purse. I want to make that New Zealand sheep tea towel shirt, too. And it's already 11 am. The baseball game is at 4. I think I'd better get crackin'!
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