Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hard won success...

I swam this morning - at the regular pool. It was, indeed, no longer green. Whew. But my new pool boyfriend was not there. Sigh.

When I got home, I grabbed some coffee and went down to install the new webcams. It was touch and go for a while. I couldn't get a good angle. I was worried that it would look 'butt ugly'. Sandy was down there working on the re-keying and she allowed as how that particularly for the lobby for right now, she preferred butt ugly because she wants to make a giant point of YOU ARE BEING WATCHED.

So that kind of made it easy. Using gaffer's tape, I taped the damn thing to the window. The angle's a little strange but it is a crystal clear image and we have the ability to go back and get 30 days worth - with action marks. (When someone is at the door, the stream is marked so you can easily whip through it without having to watch every second.)

Sandy is beside herself with joy over the thing. And, honesty I AM TOO! Finally I have my Front Door TV Network back.

Getting it onto the TV was a big old adventure in Making It Work. No Roku or Fire TV apps and I didn't want to chromecast from my laptop all the time so I googled and found a work around. First I loaded it onto my fire tablet (the one I don't use often) and then I found a little app that loads any app on your tablet onto the Fire TV. After some major false steps and ignoring the 'this will not work on your device' warning, I clicked OK and BAM! on my TV. And because of the weird angle I can even see some of the action in the street. Like right now they are loading a washer dryer into a van. EXCITING STUFF!!

Then we put one up to monitor the package cupboard. This one turned out to be even more fun since you can also see the door in from the garage - so who's coming in and out - and the new manager's office. I saw my Zappos box get delivered.

So much joy in mudville. I also helped out with the rekeying for the rest of the morning and learned that the old building manager - the one I did not like at all - left stuff in massive disarray and left his unit in a major mess. And, turns out, I was not the only one who didn't like him by a long fucking shot. Good riddance.

I told them to call me if they needed more help this afternoon but I doubt they will. I need some lunch. I don't have much here and don't feel like going out. I think it's time for a peanut butter and jelly and cream cheese sandwich with a side of pretzel sticks.
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