Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A little more

The meetings in the lobby that prevented my jigsawing turned out to be the re-keying. They are distributing the new keys today, tomorrow and this weekend. What a PIA. Sandy was there with another board member and they were working like dogs and had been all day.

I volunteered to do a shift tomorrow. They said come any time so I'll probably come home from the pool, get coffee and go down. They start at 6:30.

Also, somehow, Sandy got the cameras. And the password for the wifi at the coffee shop next door. Our little tiny network in the manager's office does not stretch to the front door but the coffee shop's wifi will work fine and it's not public so it should be steady and good. I'll probably hook up/install the cameras tomorrow while I'm helping with the re-keying.

I made some very good cole slaw tonight. It's still not as good as Goldberg's. I need to get back over there to get a quart of it and their potato salad. Maybe next week.

Also Costco. I went to get a new roll of toilet paper and what I thought was a stack of 6 rolls turned out to be 2 rolls of paper towels. Yikes! I've got maybe a couple of weeks worth left.

Time to turn on the TV. I can't decide between Hour of Cards and the Jane Tennison series about when she was young. Maybe I'll do an episode of each.
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