Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So... and sew...

So... one of the bullet points that Sandy (home owner board president) keeps hammering with this whole security crack down is that we should start requiring signatures with everything we have delivered. So not going to happen. But...

Our process now is that UPS, FedEx, USPS, and OnTrac all deliver packages for the whole building in bulk to the building manager's office where the manager signs for any that need signatures and then puts them into a locked cabinet.

Amazon's home grown delivery service calls up one of the recipients, and if no signature is required just dumps the load by the mail boxes. Amazon Prime Now delivery, calls you up on the phone and will only leave it if they can hand it to you.

So Sandy ordered the web cams on my suggestion. And she put on the order that she wanted to sign for them. They are being sent my Amazon's delivery service which sucks on a good day they are making mince meat out of this delivery. They tried to deliver yesterday evening and she wasn't here. So reject. She sent me a note this morning asking if she could have it rerouted to me. I said sure. I was right here, by my phone, and they didn't call or in any other way let me know they were here to deliver. They just put a note on the tracking page that they made an attempt.

We may never see these cameras but I think it's a good less for Sandy on why her suggestion of requiring signatures ain't going to fly. Especially since the majority of package receiving people aren't even here most of the time when the deliveries are made. Sigh.

Stay tuned. This drama ain't nearly over.

I went down 3 times today to do jigsawing and 2 times Sandy was using the lobby for meetings and the last time there were two people down there working on something. I would have stayed and puzzled but one of them is a real PIA I try to avoid whenever possible. I may try one more time.

OMG! Scott and Julie just sent me a $100 Amazon gift card with a wonderful Had a Nice Visit note. How sweet is that?? Plus wow. In the note they allowed as how I could maybe find a use for it. Doh. They also brought me a really cute tea towel with New Zealand sheep on it. I'm going to make a shirt out of it. I was planning to shop for some complementary fabric but today found some in my stash so I got the shirt all cut our and ready to sew.

I also made a doll. And got that damn sweater past the horrible point. It took two hours. And had all the frustration of a traffic jam. But, I not only got it done, I made copious notes and filed them on Ravelry so that next time I won't have to the whole two hour traffic jam thing.

I can't believe Scott and Julie did that. So so nice.

I just called the pool and the front desk person said the pool was open. I asked if it was fixed and she said it was open. So who the fuck knows. I'm going to Ballard tomorrow.

They are making a big deal here right now that since we are adding a new area code in Seattle, we will now have to go to 10 digit dialing. The thing is that I thought we'd had 10 digit dialing for years. I've been using 10 digits and had no clue I only needed 7. But, sure enough, when I called the gym, I only used 7 and it worked fine. WTF?? I think the 10 digit thing starts at the end of July. So now I have 2.5 weeks to use 7 digits. I'm guessing between now and then I will make 1 maybe 2 local calls. If that many. Lost opportunity.

No baseball game for one more night. I'll be ready to get back to it tomorrow.

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