Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swimming in pea soup

I got to the pool this morning and the water was green. Again. Only this time I didn't swim in it. I wish they would do a chemical check at night but they don't so... I suspect they closed it after I left.

I went to the Ballard LA Fitness. It's a good 25 minutes from where I was but it was 5 am so not so much traffic. And, while there are a couple of things I don't like about the gym, the pool is fabulous. It's much nicer than the green one even when it isn't green. But it is also very crowded. If you get there at 5, when they open, and get your spot, it's not so bad but I didn't get there until 5:35 and there was one spot left. And it was against the wall. But it was fine. I was sharing a lane with a really old Asian guy who's there every time I am. He's very slow and steady so easy to share with.

I'll probably call later today so get a green report but I'll also probably head on out to Ballard in the morning.

I finally heard from the rental car guy. $1,118 for the damage to his car. I cut a check via the bank, marked it PAID IN FULL and sent him a screen shot with the authorization number. Go away and never contact me again. I am done with you and your car.

And speaking of cars. I finally remembered to dig out the dealer quote for the tires. $396. What I paid at the tire place. $479. I was surprised. I'm ok with the tire place's price because they have provided me with cheerful, on demand service about 5 times a year for the past three years for free. Now I feel like we're squared. And I feel better about the Mercedes place. But, geesh. my rainy day fund is hoping for no rain for a while, please.

Zappos is owned by Amazon. But, you can't use your Amazon store card there and they use FedEx next day to send your stuff. Amazon rarely uses FedEx to ship anything any more. I ordered some boots last week (which I will likely send back in my new no-spending plan) and they have a new deal. Now instead of automatic next day shipping they give you a choice. You can get points for opting for slower shipment. I selected the most points, slowest shipment (the boots were not an emergency need). And they are not only being shipped by UPS BUT UPS tracking says they are coming from Amazon. Interesting. I love Zappos customer service and I love that Amazon has not had a negative impact on it. I hope that's not changing. (BTW, just now, having looked into their points program more deeply, it really offers me nothing I need/want. So I won't be opting for slow mo again.)

OMG, I just saw on twitter that HGTV has yet another House Hunters show - this time with focus on the kids. I love the original House Hunters. Most of the rest of their spin offs are pretty lame. But one focused on 'ensuring the show includes the kids who get a full vote on the new house'? No, no, no, no a thousand times no. Next up, House Hunters - The Pets' Perspective.

I'm at a point with the sweater I'm knitting where I really need to think, do math, taken notes, and figure out stuff. It's one critical row of knitting and the rest will be gravy. I'm thinking I may want to do this sweater again so I want to get it right and take good notes so next time I don't have to think.

So that's what I'm going to do next. After that... who knows?
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