Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got my voters' pamphlet from the county. We have a local election on August 1. There are more candidates than I ever remember seeing. So many for each seat that there is room for the idiot, the one trick pony, the old guy who runs every time, and still enough room for real, viable candidates!

One of the Seattle City Council candidates describes himself as a "gay Muslim Arab-American from Minnesota". He's married, by the way, to a Peruvian immigrant. And he's a medical doctor.

Diversity? We haz it.

It really is encouraging to see so much action on the local level. If Trump is to be voted out in 4 years, the person who gets more votes than he, would really have surfaced by now. I'm looking and I see no one. So the best shot we have is in eight years and we need to start growing some options. Starting from seed on the local level is the slowest way to go but the surest. Hopefully, in 8 years time, there will be a decent candidate or two and we will be on the way to creating a solid base of support.

I went down this afternoon and worked on the jigsaw puzzle for 30 minutes. Someone filled in some really difficult parts in the past 24 hours. I need to go puzzle shopping.

I now have two new back tires on my car and it was pretty painless. The tire shop is not lush but they have a clean bathroom, an air conditioner, cold water, free (decent) wifi... what the heck more could you ask for?! Oh and they are relatively easy walking distance from two supermarkets, a nice, large drug store, and Trader Joe's, among other things.

I walked up to the grocery and got what I needed and walked back - so my tracker was pretty happy.

They also said I needed new brakes. Another $500. I said that I didn't have time today but would get back to them. Then I asked my brother who, unbeknownst to me, knows shit about brakes! His advice was that if I can't feel a problem or hear one, then not to worry about it. Plus the Mercedes place checked out everything thoroughly last May and didn't say a thing about brakes. So it is now on my do not worry list.

I'm waiting to hear from the rental car guy. He said he's have an amount by mid afternoon. He needs my agreement on the amount - not to mention the payment. I'll be very glad to get this in the rear view.

I have a pizza for dinner.
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