Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So as I was going to sleep last night I had decided that I'd sleep in and leave for the pool about 7 so that I could get in a good swim and then pop over to the tire place by 9. I woke up at 4:30 and decided fuck it. I'd go swimming, come home and then go to the tire place. I'm just such a creature of habit.

I have a new pool boyfriend. He's kind of Ezio Penza (in South Pacific) looking but probably still younger than I am. He has great hair and is nicely fit. He only swims about 15 minutes every other day. But, he always stands and waits for me to get to the end of a lap and then gives me a big smile and wave... he does this when he gets there and when he leaves. It's adorable.

I am a sucker for those little, painless interactions.

This morning, while I was swimming, I thought of all the reasons why those dropcams won't work for the condo. I could be wrong and it's worth a try but I think, latency in the viewing and poor wifi is going to screw the deal. Oh well.

They sent out the re-keying email last night. They are changing the locks on Monday. Sandy told me yesterday that there have been so many breakins in so many buildings around Seattle that just getting enough keys made was a trick. They were only able to get 200 for this first run. There are 108 units in the building. So... one key per person, 2 per unit max. For now. People are going to not be happy about this. Dog walkers, house cleaners, relatives. I don't know how Sandy stands the abuse she gets for this shit on a daily basis... for no pay.

I sent a note to my house cleaner. I gave her a building key that she uses when she cleans my house but also she cleans a few others in the building and uses it then, too. I told her she'd have to use the front door call box for a while. She's going to be all stressed about that but plot twist.

I need to make a grocery stop after tires. And, if it's after 10 am, I may stop and get a pizza for dinner.
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