Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For some reason I have felt more retired in an old lady way today than any other day before. Probably it was the jigsaw puzzle.

I went downstairs to get the mail and ran into Sandy (Home Owner Board President) and she was asking no one in particular about what had happened to the jig saw puzzle.

A while back someone put a jigsaw puzzle out on the table in the lobby and random people stopped to add pieces here and there. Then there was another puzzle and then there was none. I figured someone found a no jigsaw condo rule but Sandy said NO, let's get one going! So I had a $3 one from Grocery Outlet - 5,000 pieces - gathering dust on the shelf. I got it and found the edges and set it all up on the lobby table and got it started.

How retired is that??

I also walked down the street for lunch and then later walked over the the mailbox to mail something. I'm going to easily make my tracker goal today.

I also figured out how to rig up a Dropcam for the front door of the condo. An easy solution for under $200 that will hold us over until we get a good fix up. I outlined it all in a note to Sandy and Jathan (the new building manager).

I'm trying to figure out the efficient tire situation for tomorrow. I have to be at the tire place at 9. It is down the street from the pool. Do I go swim as usual, get home at 6:30 then go back at 9? OR do I lie around until 7 and then go swimming and then do tires? I'm thinking the former but I may hold off the decision until I wake up in the morning.

I started knitting a sweater last weekend. It's a simple sweater but not quite as simple as my brain thinks. I keep fucking up and having to rip out. So far I think I could have finished the sweater at least once had I not had to knit it over so many times. At least the yarn is very forgiving. So no sewing today ... just knitting - ripping and knitting.
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