Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


"I appreciate your giving us this opportunity." This is what the tire guy said to me as I was leaving. Really. The tire guy! Because I'm likely going to buy 2 tires from him. Why can't everyone be like that? I left there with the nicest feeling. The tire guy!

I left for swimming about 45 minutes later than usual and it was fine. I saw some regulars that I hadn't seen for a while in the pool and the traffic home was just like it is at 6:30.

I stopped at the tire place and discovered that while they open at 7, that's mainly just so people can drop off cars on the way to work. The actual tire workers don't get there until after 8. Plus, of course, they don't stock Smart Car tires. So I told him what the dealership told me and asked him to check their story out and if true, sell me new tires. He said they may well be able to patch and I might not even need new tires. Cool. He got all the info and said he'd call me with options probably later today. (I had told him - zero hurry.) I sure felt good about my decision to go there instead of the dealership.

Last night's home owners association meeting was a mad house. The whole security thing is pretty funny. And, turns out, I was wrong. People aren't so much concerned with security as they are with the ability to have their house cleaners and dog walkers be able to get into the building when they aren't here. Also they assume the board members (who have been working on this pretty non stop) are stupid. And they don't listen.

The board president said that she had, personally, logged about 100 hours in the past month on condo business - mainly security. Then she went on to the first topic. Re-keying the building. She said, quite clearly, that we will be going to a fob system but that it will take about 4-6 months to get into place so we need to rekey in the interim. A woman next to me (who had never been to a board meeting before) interrupted her to say that now there is technology that we can use and we should get and electronic system. (Wow! really? We had no idea!! Since we've only had the fob system in the plans - budget, minutes, newsletters - for about 4 years now.)

That little bit was repeated in different ways about 6 times during the hour and a half meeting. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a board member constantly assaulted by stupids.

It is 8:15 am and the tire guy just called me. He will have the tires in shop this afternoon. Did I want to come in tomorrow at 9 to have them evaluate and fix/replace? Yes, thank you!

My goal today is to not buy anything from Amazon today. There's nothing I need or want particularly so if I bend to Prime Day I will be spending money that I just don't need to spend right now. We'll see how long that lasts.

I've got no special plans for today at all. It's cloudy out so there may be a lunch walk but maybe not. Stay tuned!
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