Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My game plan when I went to sleep last night was to sleep in a little and go to the pool about an hour later than usual so that I could hit the tire place after my swim (and it would be open). But, I woke up at the usual time so the tire place wasn't open yet when I was done. Oh well.

I'll do the tire thing tomorrow.

I just bought my ticket for the movie this morning. $12.85 after processing fee. Reserved seat (which is kind of silly for a Monday morning movie) and, of course, none of the seats were taken. At that price, I'm not surprised. It will likely be my last movie theater movie so I'm going out with a bang.

Tonight is the monthly home owners meeting. It should be an interesting one - building security (everyone has their panties in a knot about break-ins but no one wants to pay a penny to prevent them) and it's the new manager's first meeting.

I've got 3 hours before time to leave for the movie. I think I'll go sew something.
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