Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The last baseball game until Friday is about to wrap up. I usually hate this week. It breaks my rhythm. On the up side, I do have the latest season of House of Cards saved up. I've watched it for the last couple of years over the All Star Break. Works well.

The people replacing my kitchen countertop sent me an email today saying that the previously scheduled date of the 12th isn't going to work because the edges have been delayed until the 21st. I should be annoyed but I'm really relieved. I am not looking forward to this process. I'm cool with having it finished. But not the doing.

Anyway, now they are saying they'll be here March 24. A Monday. Ok.

When reviewing my spending, I forgot about the two new tires I need. So that's $1,500 for countertop, $500 for tires, and no telling what to fix the guy's car I rented last week. The scrape on his car wasn't that bad and I did manage to get 95% of it buffed back to what it was. But, when I dropped off the car, I did leave a note about it. There's a chance he wouldn't see it but I thought it was slimy not to own up. He offered to take to to a body shop and have me pay directly but I opted to use Turo (the company the rental was through) insurance. No clue what will happen or when but I'm pretty sure that's going to be more $$.

Oh well, as my Mom used to say, I can't take it with me.

I made a doll today. Actually I made, two. I forgot how to do it! The first doll had to be trashed. It was bad. The second one was way better. I remembered. Whew. There will be photos once I get a couple more done.

Julie brought me the nicest hand cream. It's an New Zealand product called Ecoya and wow is it good. Immediate soft with no grease. Sadly it looks like the only place in the US to buy it is Bloomingdales - in an actual store. We've got no Bloomingdales here. Looks like I'll be making this one tube last as long as possible!
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