Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot for days

It's too warm out and too warm in here even with the air conditioner going. And, I look at the forecast and that's all there is. Sun and hot for as far out as the forecast goes. Other people get all bummed by cold, cloudy, wet weather. Not me. This relentless sun and heat is what depresses me. I'm not even an outdoor person but the idea that I'm stuck in here with the droning air conditioner from now until unforeseeable - likely September - is really a downer. So I need to get distracted.

The swimming helps. It's cool and wet and not at all sweaty. And I have it to look forward to every single day. So, yeah.

I am not a movie person. I will watch one now and again at home but I'll bet it's been 2 or 3 years since I've been to a movie theater. I want to see The Big Sick and I don't want to wait until it's ready for streaming. It's playing at a theater that is convenient. And there is an morning (11:30) showing - my preferred time. So I thought I'd go. Probably not today but tomorrow. The last time I went to a movie, I'm pretty sure it was an afternoon movie and I think it was $9. I looked today and it's $11.33 with a senior discount. I did not look to see what the evening prices were for non-old people but I'm guessing you need to take out a mortgage. On the other hand at least I can pick my seat and pay for it online and not deal with the 12 year olds selling tickets there. I'll go and try to ignore the sticky floor and gummed up arm rests and broken seats. (Whew. Now there's my old lady get off my lawn moment.)

Last night I dreamed that I spent $500 on a pair of pants. CLEARLY I need to cut back on my spending. I spent a lot on restaurants while Scott and Julie were here and other stuff. I will pay another $1,500 for the new kitchen countertop that is coming Wednesday. And then I need to spend nothing for a while. I need to both get my cash reserves replenished AND get into the non-spending habit again. (Or at least get out of the pumping-cash-out-the-door mode.)

The pool opens at 8 and then I'll spend the rest of the day doing laundry, watching baseball and knitting. That's the plan anyway.

Yesterday I did have the laundry including the mattress pad. I also fabreezed the mattress. Fresh mattress, clean pad, clean sheets - last night's sleep was refreshing on many levels!

Time now to suit up and get going. (And yeah for being able to get going in my very own little car. Whew!)
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