Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice nice day but then...

We had a long and very excellent day. We started out to get Scott's tablet fixed. We went to the fix it place and they said 2/3 days if they could get the parts they needed. Then they suggested a place. Same story. We found another place. Same thing. The reality of 'fix while you wait' places is that you have to have a very specific issue to get that service. Our specific issue didn't fit theirs!

Then on to a Sears store. I had not been in the store, I think since Scott and Julie were last here. It is LOVELY and they had great, great stuff. Lots of very nice things in a really nice store that was totally empty. It was wild. The parking lot was as empty as the store. But, Julie and Scott both found some really cool clothes so they were very happy. The on to Fred Meyers where they got a kick out of a store where you can buy cherries, pie crust, hamburger meat, a swimming pool and a car battery.

Then lunch at Greenberg's which was so delicious even I couldn't believe it. There was not a crumb left on any of our plates.

And then Walmart. Scott decided he would get a new tablet so on to Best Buy and then Staples. They could order one - be here Monday. On to Staples. They didn't even offer to order. One final stab at Fry's where they had one. and only one. Now, by the way, they have none.

And then we came home where they did a load of laundry. We walked up the street to a new place for dinner. The new place was lovely and comfortable and pretty and the food was very different (Spanish) and delicious. And the service sucked. But we had fun.

Tomorrow is Pike Place Market and messing around downtown. I think we'll do Julie's birthday dinner tomorrow night maybe - at The Cheesecake Factory (so they can sing to her). Friday we're hitting the road again for JC Penney's and the new Amazon pop up store and whoknowswhatallelse.

I took them to their hotel and then came back home where in trying to get that big car into my parking space, I scraped the side and now the black car has white paint scrapes on it. Worst case, I'll fall on my sword and pay for whatever it takes to fix. But, I'm going to try the toothpaste wet scrub first. And hope.

The house cleaner came today and the house is now all nice and clean but, while she was here, her vacuum cleaner tripped the fuse in the living room where the air conditioner lost its juice and the door was closed. So now the house is hot hot hot. Not fun. I'm going to have to do the water mister under the fan trick to even get to sleep tonight.
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