Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's so nice to catch up with my New Zealand friends. It's fun to have them here again. Last night we had delicious burgers and then topped them off at the frozen custard place. The weather was perfection. Not too cold and not too hot - we tooled around town a bit - they love seeing the neighborhoods - while we visited. The rented car is just exactly right and a joy to drive.

This morning I tried that guy's tip of swimming hard the last 10 seconds of every lap and it was fun. What a great idea. The gym was no man's land. It's clear that this whole week is like a massive vacation for everyone. Downtown was all but abandoned when I dropped them at their hotel last night.

Today's plan starts with a stop at a shop which we hope will fix Scott's Samsung tablet. It probably needs a new battery. The shop is near Walmart which is top on Julie's list of places to go AND near Goldberg's which is a restaurant I took them to last time that they loved and want to go back to. So that's where we're headed.

We also need to do Sears and JC Penney's and the new addition to Pike Place Market and whatever else is on their list. They are only here three days this time so a lot to cram in. I just got a text from Scott that they will be ready for pickup at 9:30 which is perfect for me. I can finish my coffee, and waste a little time and then be all ready to start Today's Adventures!

Oh and last night we got an email that the condo board hired a new building manager. They hired the guy who's been doing the job on an interim basis. I really like him so YEAH!!

Oh and I rode up in the elevator yesterday with a guy who said he had had just moved his stuff in and was staying with his dad until he could find a place. Then, he went right into the unit next door SOOOOO 1. whacko neighbor, Hunter, tossed out is new age cocoon to make room for his son to move in. and 2. whacko neighbor Hunter, has a son?! and 3. Said son is decidedly older than whacko neighbor, Hunter's, live in boyfriend. teeheee Mrs. Kravitz still on duty!
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