Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, got it back - the new editor, that is

I realized that this morning I was on the other chromebook. So I went into the settings on this one and cleared the cookies for livejournal and she oh so sweetly gave me the new editor option. Danke.

Adding photos from Flickr is a bit weird. The selection (after much trial and error) turns out to be Add Embedded Media. I do like the rounded corners, tho.  I don't like the one size fits all. I'm thinking that not having HTML for tweaking is going to be kind of issue-y.  I could click on the Switch to Old Version but then could I get back or would I have to do that clear cookies thing again?

So many questions... no answers.

My neighbors' trash

But, thanks to LJ Archive I was able to find the entry about these pod things.  When my whacky next door neighbors move din, I spied the movers moving this in with their stuff (And, oh crap, we've now lost the Have This Link Spawn A New Window Please option... not good). Also the link I found before is now dead. But here's another to describe this Auto Sand Bed.  And now, this miracle cure for godknowswhat is in pieces standing next to the dumpster. RIP.

Really, no html at all, not even for minor tweaks?  I think that's just not going to fly. Sigh... switching to old version...

Ok, I went back to edit this and it gave me an option to 'edit in old version' which I did - added new window option to the links and cut the photo down to a smaller version and then I went to save and spied this:

Soooo flipping back and forth to get the job done correctly is clearly not an option. Oh well. I think I'll go back to old for now. But, still, I'm glad they are working on Future Live Journal.

Tags: #iamtestingnewposteditor
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