Whoa! New Editor is here!

So while reading down my friends' list, I just commented that I had not seen the new editor. Then I clicked on post and BAM! Do you want the new editor?! Well, yes, thank you, I believe I do.  Now I've forgotten all the bells and whistles I read about. This should be interesting. (It does have a 'switch to old version' link which is nice, thank you, LJ.)

It's sure nice and clean looking. I hate the serif font but that's just me being old and set in my old ways.

The Mariners lost the game last night because they played like idiots. Kansas City played like they wanted to win. Worked fine for them. But, otherwise the evening was very lovely.  I wear the same shirt — my Hawaiian Mariners shirt to every game and now people know me by my shirt. Which is kind of fun. The lady of the couple next to me in the dining room exclaimed way too loudly "I remember you because of that very cool shirt!!"

The couple who had the seats to my left stayed only until the 6th inning. The couple who had the seats to my right didn't get there until the 7th inning so I had rather a roomy night on Row H. And the fireworks were fabulous. Nicely done and just the right amount.  Walking home is getting way easier. I have been paying close attention to getting up to stretch every couple of innings and also just taking my time on the walk.

There were a few swimmers who joined me at the pool this morning. I shared a lane for a while with an older guy. As I was leaving the gym, we shared an elevator and he asked me if I had been swimming long and I told him only about 3 or 4 years. He said he'd been swimming all his life and asked if I would mind a tip. Heck no!  He suggested that every other length, for the last 10 seconds, I swim as fast as I possibly can. And then go back to my regular speed.  I think that's a GREAT tip and I told him so. It goes into the plan tomorrow morning!

Because my Kiwi friends, Scott and Julie and I are one person too many for my Smart Car, I have rented a car for their visit. I did this last time. I used Turo which is a person to person service. This time I have a Subaru from a guy who lives up on Beacon Hill — about 5 miles from here. I'll go leave my car in his parking spot and take his car until next Saturday. Last time the car I rented was WAY to fucking big. I could barely get it into my parking spot in the garage and it was a bitch to park. This time I went for the smallest  4 door car I could find. Still, I'm sure it will be too big for me to park comfortably. oh well.

I'm set to pick up the car from him at 11. I just read  on Instagram that the fabric shop that I hate but which is in between his house and here, is have a sale today — 25% off everything. I do need felt squares for doll hair. I'm way low and they have the cheapest I can find even online ... and 25% off. Looks like I'll be stopping in there on my way back.

Scott and Julie land at 3:15. I think I'm just going to light rail it to the airport to meet them. Taking the car is just too many hassles. On the way back to town, on the train, we can decide if we all want to come here or they want to go on to the hotel or what. Loosey goosey will work fine.

And this editor isn't too bad at all. Lemme try adding a video... (And that sucker better not autoplay — please tell me if it does.)

Lemme try 'media from Instragram' — hmmm no work. Neither does 'media from Dropbox' or 'add Photo Gallery' or 'add poll'. Wonder why not. No biggie.

I need to clear up the kitchen and then check the sewing room to see if there's anything else I need that I could snare in that 25% off net.


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