Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that was not expected

The tire light on my Smart Car goes off every 3 months. It's so aggravating. It went off on Saturday morning which was not nearly as aggravating because I was right by the good tire place. They always seem so delighted to check the air in my tires. They never charge me a penny and I have to force them to take $5 'for donuts'.

So I was doubly annoyed when the damn light went on today. As it happens the bear lady is just down the street from the Mercedes dealership.

I took the bears for what is likely be my very last delivery to her. Besides becoming increasingly difficult to schedule, she's on a rabid anti-Trump tear. I am no Trump fan. At all. Not even close. But I am so tired of the ranting and raving. Yes, he's embarrassing and yes, he's maybe dangerous, and yes, he's an idiot and yes, he's clueless etc. etc. etc. There are NO surprises here. He is exactly as he has been for decades. And whining about him is not going to move the needle one teensy weensy bit. I had to stand there and listen to her go on and on. It was not enjoyable at all. But, finally, she stopped to breathe and I was out of there like a shot. Whew.

I stared to not go to Mercedes because they annoy me and I figured the problem was the tire sensor and not the tires and no way would they be fixing a sensor without an appointment. But, whatever, I pulled in. Long story longer, they found nails... more than a few, apparently. One of them was causing the issue but it was patchable and they could do it now. So I cooled my heels there for an hour and a half while they patched. They also said both back tires had nails that were holding ok and could not be patched. So I will need new tires soonish. They quoted me $400 for both. A quick look online says I do not need to pay nearly that much. Plus, I'd rather get them from the good tire place who has been patiently checking my air pressure now for several years.

So after my Kiwi friends leave, I guess I'll go play 'get new tires'.

Could be way worse in many ways.

Hilariously, I did one google search on my tire size. And minutes later I got a notice that someone new had followed me on Twitter. His profile says: "Award Winning Automotive Expert @WrenchNation".
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