Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I didn't give it a lot of thought until I got there and no on else did. Today's as much a work vacation day as tomorrow. The gym crowd, at 5 am, was a little sparse. I sure could have slept in. But, it's nearly easier to get up as usual than to have to think about it. But, tomorrow the gym doesn't open til 8 so I'll be having to think about it.

Also probably all week will be pretty free of traffic meaning all week, I could go swim later in the morning without a problem except... I need to get there early and get done early so I can host my Kiwi visitors who will be here all week. Oh well. Good thing I don't mind the early hours.

I have the bear delivery today at 10. I have a new top on the sewing machine that is about 3/4ths finished. And, really that's the lineup for today.

Tonight is a Diamond Club night at the Mariners. Great food. Great game. No full sun. And fireworks after the game. Multiple wins. Especially if the Mariners do.
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