Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday, I went through my Fitbit app and requested 'friends' of random people in my contacts list. My contacts list - like many other people's? - is now a 15 year old mismash of people some of whom I no longer even remember.

But, one person on the list was a friend I met on LJ but who hasn't been back in ages. I actually met her in person once when she was on a Seattle visit. When last I heard she and her wife had had a little baby. This morning, I got an acceptance from her and the profile photo was her and a really cute little girl. So I popped her a note about the baby growing up. She responded right away with a new picture. The baby is off to first grade in the Fall! And.. she has twin 3 year old brothers. The picture was almost too much cute per pixel. Amazing and fun to get an update. Thank you, Fitbit!

My New Zealand friends went from Toronto to Chicago yesterday. A text this morning says they got to the Toronto airport 2.5 hours before their flight and after getting through all the border bruhaha they made it to their plane with two MINUTES to spare. What a mess. I, long ago, gave up on travel. I spent years going from place to place but after 9/11 it just became too much of a hassle for me - the getting there wasn't worth the being there. So the current travel issues don't affect my trips but it does affect me. Friends are cancelling trips right and left. That means far fewer trip reports and photographs and shared experiences for me. And, of course, it's all about me.

At lease Scott and Julie are now safely in the US. They come here from Chicago on Tuesday.

My brother's older son is visiting him in Texas this weekend. I just caught this on the webcam ... Father and Son bonding over tools. Iconic. Alex lives with his wife and two daughters outside Boston and the two of them get one on one time very rarely. This is a very special deal. Also Alex dwarfs his father which cracks me up.

I had a lovely swim. I stopped at the Cash and Carry on the way home and reinvigorated my Diet Dr. Pepper stash. Whew!

Today there will be a bit of sewing, some baseball, some left over kung pao beef and no telling what else.
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