Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Futbol Fiesta

There is a large pre-soccer game festival going on in the football stadium parking lot. Mexico vs. somebody. And they are having fun!! Except those in the long porta potty line.

I considered selling tickets to my very clean, nice smelling, air conditioned toilets. But, I didn't consider it for long :)

The police were there with horses and the kids were having a ball getting up close and personal with them (the horses, not the police probably).

My tracker is not going to make its steps today. It was too hot out there. I got my pix and scampered back inside to the cool where I am now. I did get a lot of little things done, put away, organized. And I got the bears out of their bag and made the group shot which I had totally forgotten to do.

I've been drinking Dr. Pepper since I was little when we'd visit my relatives in Texas which is the only place you could buy it. Then when it spread across the country and got a diet version I latched on like there was no tomorrow. When I first moved to Seattle, you could not buy it here. I finally talked a Safeway store manager into special ordering it for me. He did that for years. Then, one day, I went in to pick up my special order and someone didn't get the memo and put it on the shelves instead of holing it for me. And they sold out of it in a flash. That store manager put it into the regular stock after that.

I usually buy it by the case. I pulled out my last six pack the other day and it was as flat as a pancake not a bubble in the batch. That's the first time that has ever happened. I have an emergency can (mine were all bottles). And I can replenish my supply tomorrow, but flat Diet Dr. Pepper is NOT my jam.

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