Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Everything did not go according to plan but every bit turned out fine.

Frank was operating under the assumption that he would pick me up here at home and we'd go to breakfast. I was under the assumption that we would meet there. Yep. Confusion. Exacerbated by his having a new phone without my phone number and my not answering when he called on the front door intercom because I figured it was a delivery and I didn't want to let them in without being there. Comedy of errors really.

But the place he had picked out was perfect for killing an hour over coffee with my phone. And, once he got there, we had a great breakfast and a great visit.

Then I went on to the fabric store where they did not have my heart's desire but had two very good options that were 35% off. So score. Then on to Rudy's to get a haircut.

Rudy's is a now fairly large local-ish (although that's changing, too) chain that has always been a 'walk in place' but now they are taking appointments. The Rudy's I went to had most chairs full and no one waiting. Ordinarily, this would be good news. I'd sit, I'd wait, my turn would come in 15 mins max. Except now that they make appointments what I got was 'sorry, no openings until 6 pm.' It was noon. So I came home. (I did look online and my favorite hair cutter is 'supposed' to be on duty tomorrow and I made an appointment. However, the last time she was 'on duty' online turns out she was not in the shop that day at all. So... who the fuck knows. Happily, it's not an emergency. If it gets cut, great. If not, no biggie.

I finished my swimsuit. And I like it.

I put a button on the front of all my swimsuite because when I put these suckers on at 4:45 am, I do not have the bandwidth to stop and figure out front from back. The button saves my sanity.

My brother and I have been using Google + for conversations for several years now. We have our own 'community' of two. It's a great place to leave messages, conversations, photos, whatever without clogging email and when the urgency of texts is not needed. We can 'chat' leisurely and it's been great.

But G+ keeps tweaking itself until now we can't even find conversations in our own community of two. Geesh. So I think I've found a decent replacement. I hope. We won't be able to test until next week or the week after. He's at the airport right now picking up his eldest son in from Boston. They are headed for the Roger Waters concert tomorrow night in San Antonio.

I finally heard back from the bear lady. We agreed on Monday for the drop off. So, by the time my friends from New Zealand get here on Tuesday, the living room will be clutter free. Whew.

My Fitbit needs 1,500 more steps. But, I'm thinking maybe I'll let it go begging. It's only 4 pm. It's too early to pack it in. I guess I'll go take a walk.
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