Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Making stuff do stuff... that's my jam

This morning I spent way too much time and way too many 'fuck you!'s trying to get the Amazon Echo Show to play the feed from my brother's Nest Webcam that he has in his chicken coop. Now I can say "Alexa, show me chickens" and up they pop right on the screen.

And, yes, it looks just like an overpriced baby monitor which would, of course, we way easier to set up and configure. But, that's almost not the point. The point is just proving I can get it to work. It tickles me no end.

One of the first things I ever did once I traded my dial up connection for always on broadband was buy and set up a webcam because I read where it was really hard to do. It was but I did it. Over and over again. And then there would be new hardware and new software and I'd need a different angle. And then I discovered IP cameras... Making stuff do stuff. Happily, I'm not tied to practicality or a straight path. And I know a lot of swear words. It's a lovely match.

Yesterday, when I dropped off the dolls and creatures at the baby bank, I just dropped them off. I did not tell them who I was and they didn't even look at what I was dropping into the bin. So I was pretty darned impressed when I got a very non-boilerplate email last night thanking me (and giving me what I need for tax donation which was lovely). I was a little less than impressed this morning when it's clear they also signed me up for their newsletter. But, I opted out and all is fine. At least it is clear I've found a solid future for my stuff!

This morning, as soon as the traffic clears, I'm off to meet ljtourist. He's found yet another apparently Seattle institution that I've never heard of where we're going to have a delicious breakfast. I'm jazzed and hungry!

It's over kinda near the good fabric shop which happens to be having a 4th of July sale today... hmmmm Also that happens to be near the really good Rudy's Barber Shop where maybe I'll just get my hair cut. And, really, there's no telling what will happen after that.

I do have a swim suit about 2/3rd completed and I want to finish that.

Also, this morning, while I was swimming, I did some house rearranging in my mind. I think after my Kiwi friends leave, I'm going to make some changes in stuff. For their visit, I'm renting a car - a four door Audi. They leave on Saturday morning early and I'm not on tap to return the Audi until Saturday afternoon. So... I think while I have it, I'm going to make a giant Goodwill haul. I have two large cupboards out on the terrace that need a massive cleanout. I want the space back and this is the perfect opportunity.

I just read the most heartbreaking story. A kid (22) started his major league career last night with the New York Yankees. In the outfield. His first game. He's likely spent all of his life since t-ball working to get to that spot in the outfield last night. Imagine. Playing major league baseball for the Yankees Finally. In the first inning... the first inning... he dives after a ball, crashes into the wall and fucks up his knee so badly, he had to be carried off.

I cannot imagine what he's feeling this morning.
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