Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

OMG - so easy peasy

The WestSide Baby location I went to today could not be more convenient. I opened the door and was greeted warmly by a group of women working together on something. I said 'I have a donation' and one said 'you can put them right there in that bin. Do you need help bringing in more?' Nope. 'Do you need a receipt?' Nope. 'Well, thank you very much for your donation!'

It was heaven. After all this time. About 5 years ago the baby bank I had been donating to for years moved locations into one that is not handy with no parking and now I had to make an appointment to drop off, get there, call, wait for her to come down... And, the last time I requested an appointment she said she wasn't ready and she'd let me know. Then she sent email last night telling me to come the one time when I cannot.

I'm very very grateful to have people who help me get my stuff into tiny hands but easier is so much better. And WestSide looks like the easiest ever and for long term. So YEAH!!

Also in that same little strip place was a city community service office that was open. I stopped in to see if I could get a replacement old people's card. The city issues these senior cards to old people. I get half off pet licenses and adoption fees, I get into the aquarium for free, I get into the zoo at a very reduced price and I get 2% off at my favorite small grocery market. So... it's a deal. When my purse was stolen last December, my old people's card was in it. I just never got a replacement. Today I did. Again, easy peasy.

Someone broke into a realtor's lock box next to the front door of this building and stole the key. The board and the interim manager are in massive crisis management. They called me in on it because I am the only one who knows the Front Door TV Network and why it no longer works. They asked me not to say anything until they had a plan they could announce. (So don't say anything, k?) We have had, on the plans, the installation of a key fob system but it keeps getting pushed back because of one crisis or another. Re-keying the building is expensive and a major pain in the ass. I have no clue what they are going to do.

On the up side, the chances of my getting the Front Door TV Network back are looking GOOD!

So now all my ToDos are done. I think I'll have a celebratory lunch.
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