Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Deliver Dolls
Get whipped cream cheese
Package up the LED undermount lights
Put away stuff on terrace
Do something with bears
Download library books

That's my todo list for today. I want to get all of that done before I do anything else today. The dolls can't be delivered until 10 but the rest I can do before then. After that, they cay is mine. Not even any baseball game to lose today. Yeah!

I've gone dark since it got warm. This condo has light from the outside on only one wall at the far end. So there's a whole other end that is pitch black on its own. I usually keep low vision LED lamps going in various corners so that I can maneuver around without having to turn on big lights if I want. A year or so ago, I installed LED strips under my cabinets in the kitchen and kept them always on.

But now I'm on a all lights off unless needed kick. Well most lights off unless needed anyway. I tore out all the undermounts and replaced them with two motion sensor sconces in the kitchen. I got a simple little LED lamp for the bedroom so I can avoid that overhead lamp. The idea is to cool things off but mainly it's psychological. Dark is cooler to me so if I keep it dark-ish, I trick myself into thinking it's maybe cooler than it is.

It feels very different anyway. The new kitchen counter tops get installed on the 12th. And then it will feel very different.

Also streamlined. Getting the dolls and monsters out of the living room will help. I hope the bears will be gone soon as well. The bear lady finally said she'd was ready to take them and told me to bring them Friday. Sorry... no can do on Friday. This will, I suspect, be the finally delivery to her which is fine especially now that I have a better (for me) place to take them.

My brother told me to watch Glow on Netflix. I had seen about it and decided it wasn't anything I was interested in. But, he often uncovers gems so I watched it last night. 2 episodes and I loved them. Now I need to parse out the rest for maximum enjoyment. I also have not seen the latest House of Cards. And several other streams o' stuff. Just not enough time.

Now I need to quit wasting time and get on that list.
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