Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird Day

As I was waiting for Costco to open, I got an email that two books I put on hold were at the library waiting for me. Score! So I went to pick them up and then, because it was too hot to think, I asked Google to shot me to Costco directly from the library. Google Maps then had a seizure and I ended up on a packed interstate highway going the wrong way.

I got to Costco and got a nice walk in and, of course, spent more than I planned but only $40 so not so terrible. I did try their much touted cheeseburger. I'm very confused. It was really not good. Really. $5 no drink. Their $1.50 hotdog and drink deal is way tastier.

There was a young guy there will two small kids - like 5 and 4. He was doing a fair job of wrestling them into a table with their hot dogs and keeping them happy and entertained. When they were about half done, he got up for 30 seconds to move his cart. While his back was turned both kids managed to shoot the hot dogs out of their buns onto the floor. They sat their quietly waiting for him to come back and fix the problem.When he turned back around, the look on his face was so hilarious.

I came home and cut out a new swim suit. My hand problem?! Scissors! Somehow I must have bruised/strained/broken the muscles or tendons that I use for cutting with scissors cause OUCH. Guess I won't be doing that for a while.

Then I sat down to watch the game which was ok for a while. Then I got a text that my Amazon packages had been delivered. They were delivered by Amazon's home grown delivery service which pretty much sucks. There are three places where they leave packages. I checked all three. No packages. Anywhere. I checked again. No Packages. Anywhere.

So I came back up here and called Amazon. "Oh a text that says it was delivered doesn't really mean it was delivered. It could mean that it will be delivered soon. Oh I see here it was delivered to the receptionist." "There is no receptionist." "Oh well, then just keep checking and let us know if you don't see it by 8 pm." Fuckyouverymuch.

I checked again. I came back up here and wrote a blistering, I mean incendiary, email to Amazon.

Then I checked again. Found 'em. (About an hour later, I was cleaning up tabs in my browser and got to the Amazon one to see a message 'your email did not go through, try again later.' Cracked me up.)

The Echo Show is really pretty. I like it. I told it to play me some music and it picked Itzahk Perlman. Classy choice.

And then the Mariners totally folded in the 8th and lost to the loser Phillies for the second day in a row. Thankgod they are off tomorrow.

OH! But, big news!! I have a new doll/bear/monster adoption agency!!!! and they have two donation locations and lots of handy hours - even Saturdays. I sent them an email with links to photos so they could see what I was talking about and they would be 'delighted to have them.' WHEW!!! I haven't even made a doll on the new machine yet. That will need to change. I'm kind of ready to get back to it. What a relief.
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